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What We Do

At Applewood We Nurture Potential And Inspire Greatness


Our Academics

Our very solid academic curriculum, in conjunction with unequalled outdoor education opportunities nurture young minds like very few other opportunities.  Vibrant, verdant surroundings ensure continuous active engagement. Our children flourish in these surroundings.


Our Sports

Applewood offers traditional sports like rugby, netball, tennis and softball. Being surrounded by triathlon heaven, we also offer multisport, swimming, mountain biking and trail running to capitalise on the spectacular environment we live in.


Our Outdoor Education

There is perhaps no better classroom than the outdoors. Our children have the opportunity to experience a wide range of outdoor camps starting from Grade 3. Our Natural Science curriculum is the driver behind the many magnificent places we visit.  

Our Mountain2Coast Experience

Mountain2Coast is a one of its kind, epic, five-day adventure where the Grade 7 children celebrate the conclusion of their primary school journey with a trek from Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve to Cape Infanta by cycling, hiking and paddling.


Our Culture

Visual Arts, Music including piano, drums, djembe drums, guitar, recorder and singing lessons and the Dramatic Arts (Helen O Grady Drama Academy) make up the cultural trove at Applewood.

Our Social Responsibility

Our children are gradually introduced to social responsibility initiatives.  Repetitive involvement sees them gradually and gracefully develop an essence of compassion and kindness.

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- Applewood -


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