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Mountain2Coast Experience

This unique Mountain2Coast outdoor experience faces the Grade 7 class during the third term break.

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As their Applewood school career nears its end the grade 7 class embarks on the celebrated Mountain2Coast outdoor adventure. This five-day journey starting in the Langeberg mountains outside Heidelberg and ending in Cape Infanta echoes what Ralph Waldo Emerson has been saying all along, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”


This single in its kind, once in a lifetime adventure, properly kicks off with a trek up the Grootvadersbosch river to the forestry station. The following two days are spent cycling the gravel roads of the Eden District to the pont at Malgas on the Breede River. Here the pupils exchange their bicycles for kayaks and spend the next day paddling down the Breede River. The final day sees them back on their bikes, completing their epic journey where the Breede River mouth runs into the sea at Infanta.


The total distance covered during the Mountain2Coast Outdoor Experience is approximately 139 kilometres. Along the way, the teams camp at designated campsites or on farmland (with the farmer's permission). During the expedition, the children are divided into groups. Each child takes a turn to lead their group, and the cooking, cleaning and camp setup is delegated amongst the team.  This journey of self-discovery, camaraderie and team building is an experience that deeply embeds itself into the hearts and minds of our gr 7’s as they grow into adulthood.

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