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Our Staff & Governors

Our Innovative Staff

The entire Applewood Family mentioned below contribute to ensuring that Applewood is a school constantly evolving to new methods in teaching and advanced academic programmes.

Management team

Sam Hamman (Headmaster)

Marisa Malan (HOD of Academics and Sport)

Di Tuttelberg (HOD of Culture and Pastoral Care)


Melissa Meiring (Apple Blossoms)

Tanja Hill (Apple Pips)

Ilne Nel (Busy Bees)

Ilze Visser (Grade R)

Junior Primary Staff

Lauren Kucharski (Grade 1)

Dee Dunton (Grade 2)

Andrea Rostron (Grade 3)

Senior Primary Staff

Bronwen Shaw (Grade 4)

Nico Booysen (Grade 5)

Jane Moodie (Grade 6)

Di Tuttelberg (Grade 7)

Our Governors

Applewood is a non-profit, public benefit organisation governed by a school council that consists of the directors of the company and the invited members of the council (the head, the staff representative, the bursar and the chair of the Parent’s Association). The council reports to the members who manage the company in which the school assets are held. The members of the company, the board of directors and the invited members of the board are approved at the AGM of the company on 22 September 2016 and are listed below:

Mr George Eadie (Chairman)

Mr Wessel Steyn (Finance)

Mr James Downes (Grounds)

Mr Kevin Daniel (Fund Raising)

Mr Anto Botha (Funding)

Mrs Annemie Fouche (PA Representative)

Mr Alistair Moodie (Wise Owl)

Mrs Linda Jean (Human Resources)

Mr Luan Wakefield (Sport)

Mrs Sim Moodie (Legal)

Mrs Jane Moodie (Invited member – Staff Representative)

Mrs Marisa Malan (Invited member - HOD Academics and Sport)

Mrs Di Tuttelberg (Invited member - HOD Pastoral Care and Culture

Mr Sam Hamman (Invited member – Headmaster)

Mrs Charlotte Kruger (invited member – School Business Manager)

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