Our philosophy


Our Philosophy

A Personalised Country School Education

A small country school in the Elgin Valley just outside of Cape Town, South Africa, Applewood Preparatory School‘s philosophy is committed to delivering a relevant, innovative and inspiring education aimed at the individual child.

A vibrant, progressive, environmentally-based curriculum is the hallmark of our school education in which children have the freedom to play and explore in the unique countryside environment.  Applewood’s strength is in meeting children at their level of need and creating a curriculum that moulds to the child and helps children understand their progress in a meaningful way.

Through our curriculum and our outdoor education programme we emphasise a clear understanding of what learning is, what learning goals are and where each child is on their personal learning journey.

At Applewood we are especially concerned with developing an understanding in our children of being kind to their world.  Our environmental programmes have achieved and maintained gold status in the Eco-Schools awards.

English is the medium of instruction and we strive to understand, welcome and accommodate the needs of children from all religious and cultural backgrounds.  Parents are encouraged to be active participants in the life of the school.

School Philosophy

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