Netball Tour, 2019

At Applewood Preparatory School, a Netball Tour is not just a Netball Tour. There is so much more. Teamwork is key and Applewood focuses a lot on it. We learn to stand strong together as one. If someone is not feeling great or they feel like they let the team down, there will always be a group of girls there so support you. We are like a family.

Here is a little insight into this year’s Netball Tour. A week of clinics prepared us with some skills ahead of the tour. Five weeks of practice and training was put in along with tremendous effort. Along the rocky road to getting ready, we won and lost matches and that gave us something to improve on and try harder for the next time. Time flew by and some of us got nervous thinking we would forget our skills and training. The last few weeks we pushed ourselves to the max to get as much done as possible. We were all proud of what we did in a few weeks.

Finally, the tour came rolling in. It was a long drive to Knysna and at least we got to stretch every now and again. We were dancing in our seats, sleeping and chatting with each other. We arrived at Knysna and organised the sleeping arrangements, ate dinner and eventually went to bed. We were very excited for the next day. Finally, morning came, and we got dressed and went for our morning warm up. We played a lot of matches and we won, lost and learned. And, as a bonus, we made new friends.

One of the big things we learn on the Netball Tour is to be independent. A lot of kids sometimes struggle to be away from home. The Tour really shows you that you can be independent and that you don’t always need to rely on other people. On Tour we must be independent and stand strong, but what we must not forget is that we are never alone. There is always someone there for you.

Tour also teaches us that winning is not everything. We learn that even if we lost a match that we still need to look for the good in the game, like what we learnt out of the match, how we can improve and that we just need to enjoy it. We can’t wait for our next tour!


Written by Abigail, Isabella and Mila, Grade 6&7 Marketing Club

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