Grade 6&7 Marketing Club

At Applewood this year we launched a pilot project called the Grade 6&7 Marketing Club. We saw an opportunity for Applewood staff, volunteer parents and those interested learners to work together to promote our wonderful school and develop new skills in the process.

There has been much learning for all of us so far. We started with setting the foundation for great storytelling, which is the keystone for any type of media, be it vlogs, blogs or digital channels. A great story always has a deeper meaning, or what is called ‘the thing under the thing’. Club members quickly grasped this idea and could share what the deeper message was in their favourite movies and books. Story structure basics were explored as a tool to think through whatever message you want to convey.

We also explored defining your audience clearly and what would be important to different people. Knowing your audience is essential and we worked through planning for a story using a structured template. This got all our minds thinking about planned stories and how to communicate a powerful core message. As part of our digital media training we explored the requirements for quality photographs for Instagram and blog posts as well as some basic ideas to bear in mind.

The first round of contributions began with blog articles. The Club chose their teams for the first project and selected team names, which were Disco Ninjas, Marketing Masters, Mighty Makers and the Three Amigos. Each team decided their roles for the first project, including the photo person, writer and support. We were so pleased at the great first articles that the teams produced, so please do go take a look:

With a little experience in the bag, it was time to get the vlog going. A vlog or video blog is a video-based regular story that is fast growing in popularity. We wanted the Club to tell their own stories of their Applewood experience while developing new skills in visual storytelling, camera work, planning and more. The first episode of the vlog has just been published, so we would love you to go take a look and, of course, to like, comment, share and subscribe. Check it out here: Episode 1, Newton’s Law.

The Club have new projects in the works, so please keep your eyes open to what comes next. Many thanks to all who have made this possible thus far and, of course, the Marketing Club learners who commit time weekly to push their boundaries and develop new learning.

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