Fun Educational Tour (FET), 2019

At Applewood, we have the opportunity to go on many interesting camps and outings. These include FET, which stands for Fun Educational Tour. Once a year, the Grade 6 class spends one week on a camp around the Western and Northern Cape, gaining valuable skills and experiences along the way. This tour lasted from Monday until Friday, each day just as eventful as the last. We are going to tell you about this year’s FET.

Once the bus and trailer were teeming with our food, bags and supplies, we set off on our journey. The drives from place to place were long but, with the help of some creative games and hysterical singing, never boring. Our first destination was Grootvadersbosch Farm, where we were greeted with a cozy house for the night and the unwanted aroma of cow dung. We played games, told jokes and helped our teachers with preparing our meals and keeping our area clean. Someone has to!

On the Tuesday, after a few stops here and there, we arrived at Grantham House. We spent three nights here, exploring the Karoo National Park and surrounding areas.

We explored ancient caves, walked in dinosaur footprints, swam in gorgeous but freezing waterfalls, strained for glimpses of the different wildlife, rattled off different rocks and rock types, defended ourselves from hordes of mischievous baboons, scared the wits out of our peers with some very creative ghost stories, drove our teachers mad with repetitions of the same ridiculous war cries, and kept track of all the fun we were having in our workbooks.

As fun and interesting as these excursions are, it is still a school expedition. Naturally, our hikes and sightseeing adventures were all educational, including the highlight of FET – staying up late to look at stars, planets and galaxies from the telescopes at SALT (South African Large Telescope). Our Natural Science theme at the time was space, so we all bundled up in our warmest clothes and did our best not to shiver as we were educated on the incredible universe around us. Despite the freezing temperatures, we were all very enthusiastic and curious, and it was a night to remember.

The next morning, both children and teachers were not excited to admit that our time on the tour had come to an end. Nevertheless, we wolfed down breakfast, packed our bags and pressed our faces against the windows for a final view of Sutherland before our bus sped off into the mountains.

Of course, what we have shared with you today is barely a glimpse of what went down on this incredible tour. FET was an amazing experience and shall be for students here at Applewood for many years to come.


Written by Sophie and Mieke, the Grade 6&7 Marketing Club

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