Founders Day, 2019

Founders Day is the day on which we celebrate the founding of Applewood Preparatory School. This year Applewood turned 22 years old.

The learners, staff and parents celebrate Founders Day with an assembly and driveway dash.  During assembly we open up this box called the time vault, which holds all the memories of the school over the years.

Each year the Grade Ones make handprints which they then put into the time vault. The handprints of that year’s Grade Sevens are taken out and put up. Each Grade Seven learner writes a letter about their years at Applewood. This gets put into the time vault and is displayed at Applewood when they are in Matric.

The time vault is locked, and the key is kept by the “Keeper of the Key”. This is a Grade Six learner who has been chosen by the teachers and is a great honour.

Once the Grade Ones and Sevens put their handprints and letters into the time vault, the current “Keeper of the Key” announces the new ‘Keeper of the Key” and hands the key over.

After assembly the children change into their Royal and Golden house t-shirts for the driveway dash. Every child will take part in the driveway dash no matter their age or ability. The dash is from the entrance of the school up the driveway to the parking area. The winner of the boy’s race and girl’s race will then get a trophy.

Another tradition that is celebrated on Founders Day is the Grades Seven’s laying of the bricks. Each Grade Seven learner carves their name in a brick, which is then baked. On Founders Day they each then lay their brick in front of the foyer, so that they can be remembered.

After the driveway dash, the Grade Sevens and their parents enjoy a cup of tea and some scones on the field.  The rest of the school will then return to their classes and get a delicious treat. On Founders Day we are all allowed to go home earlier than usual.


Written by Lara and Anike, Grade 6&7 Marketing Club

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