Applewood Preparatory School Elgin

Applewood Preparatory School Elgin

Our Governors

Applewood is a non-profit, public benefit organisation governed by a school council.  The council consists of the directors of the company and the invited members of council (the head, the staff representative, the bursar and the chair of the Parent’s Association).  The council reports to the members of the company who manage the company in which the school assets are held.  The members of the company, the board of directors and the invited members of the board as approved at the AGM of the company on 22 September 2016 are listed below:

Applewood Council

Mr Stephan Beukes (Chairman)
Mr Wessel Steyn (Finance)
Mr James Downes 
Mrs Alison Walker (Marketing)
Mrs Marina James (Legal)
Mr Alastair Moodie
Mrs Nicky du Toit (HR)
Mr Luan Wakefield
Mr Barry Gould (Invited member – Grounds and Buildings)
Mrs Lara Boisacq (Invited member – Parent Association Chair)
Mrs Jane Moodie (Invited member – Staff Representative)
Mr Sam Hamman (Invited member – Headmaster)
Mrs Charlotte Kruger (Invited member – School Business Manager)

NPC Company Members

Mr Ian Moodie (Member)
Mr Mark Simpson (Member)
Mr Greg Claughton (Member)
Mr Mike du Toit (Member)
Mr BJ Allsop (Member)
Mr James Rawbone-Viljoen (Member)
Mrs Charlotte Kruger (Member)

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